Localhostr Uploader

Localhostr is a popular and unobtrusive way of sharing files online. It allows you to upload files up to 50MB in size. The best part is that it has a pretty simple and non-intrusive interface.

Localhostr uploader is a nifty   that will allow you to upload files directly to localhostr right from your desktop.


The app is pretty lightweight and almost looks like a application. Sharing files though is a piece of cake, just drag and drop your files on the application and it will be uploaded to localhostr. You can then copy the URL and share it anyone.

Pretty cool and awesome way to share files quickly and easily. The only limit is basically on localhostr’s end, where they limit file uploads to 50MB. If you are looking to share bigger files take a look at our list of websites that offer higher limits.

Localhostr uploader is available both as a installer and .

Download Localhostr Uploadr

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