How to Listen And Record Internet Radio Stations

screen_pp Screamer Radio is a free internet radio player. It can be used for playing radio streams as well as recording them directly to your computer, so you can play them later at leisure even when there is no internet connection.

Screamer Radio has a huge database of Internet Radio stations. You can browse by genre, language, network or region. Favorite channels can be bookmarked into the Favorites List’. Streamer Radio can also play and record radio that does not currently reside in the presets. All you need to do is add the url for a radio station’s pls file into the program and it will start playing it. This way, you can also play and record Shoutcast radio streams that expands the application’s access to a large variety of popular radio stations from the largest radio website on the planet.

Streamer supports OGG, WMA and ACC streaming. Recording can be done on the fly, with just a click of a button. Songs will be recorded on the disk as different tracks, so you won’t have to go through the headache of cutting the audio later.

Screamer Radio is ad free and has no spyware or adware. Download it for Windows.

Via Clif’s FreewareWiki.

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