List Of Windows Updates On Your System

WinUpdatesList v1.23 is a freeware that shows a catalog of Windows updates that are set up in your computer. These updates refer to Hotfix and Service Packs updates. In case of hotfixes the software permits the user to view which files have been updated with them. This information is shown in the main window. You can also access the MS web venue Web Link that supplies details about a chosen update. To get the additional details select the update and choose Open-web-link in the file menu.

You can also perform update un-installation using WinUpdatesList v1.23. The list of updates can be added to the clip board or alternatively command-line options can be used to save the list to HTML, Text files or XML files.

The software also enables you to watch the Windows Updates of some other operating system provided that OS is Windows XP or 2000. These other OS may be either on the local computer or on a distant computer.


The software is compatible with Windows 98/2000/ME and XP. Though the software does work in Windows ME and 98 all update details may not be exhibited as some of the information is not stocked up in the Windows Registry in these operating systems.

Being a standalone executable no installation process or extra DLLs are needed. The file has to be placed in a folder and run for using it. The latest version 1.23 of WinUpdatesList software displays dates correctly in the user locale instead of the system locale. This is the new feature in this version.

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