LinkedNotes: Create Wiki Style Linked Notes From Desktop

There are so many note taking aplications – from desktop tools like Evernote to browser add-ins like Chromepad. But you have to be selective and pick the best one that suits your need.

Feature rich note taking applications like Evernote may look good at the first glance but while you use them on a regular basis, you feel the need to switch over. Why? Because you need a program to increase productivity and do not want to dedicate an entire day learning how the application works.

Linkednotes is the simplest of all note taking apps for Windows. It has a rich text editor and you can create wiki style notes and interlink them for quick navigation.

Once the program is installed, start the application and create notes as you normally do. All the notes are called “pages” and they are hierarchically listed in the sidebar.


You can create pages and subpages and then subpages of subpages and so on. The best part of LinkedNotes is that it autolinks to every page anchor text when a word is used.

Confused? Ok let’s say you create have two pages – “Members” and “dates”. When you write a note on the members page and use the word “dates” the word dates automatically links to the “dates page”.

As seen in the above screenshot, the program has linked to two pages from the Members page” when i wrote the words “project” and “dates”. This is useful, you don’t have to copy links and manually link to other notes. Just write the notes and use the page name as anchor.

Other features includes importing and exporting notes from RTF and text files. You can also use the timestamp feature to append the current date and time at the end of your notes. This will let you remember when you had created a specific note.

LinkedNotes requires Microsoft .NET to be installed and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7. Thanks Ghacks.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Linked notes is extremely simple to use and I think besides using Chromepad, I will use it for some weeks. Yes, I know it’s very basic and there aren’t features like alarms and screen alerts, but some things just demand simplicity.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).

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