Learn English Pronunciation and Definitions with Word Aloud

Word Aloud is a that will help you learn English by pronouncing and showing you definition of words that you want.


The software can come in pretty handy when you are learning English and want to perfect word pronunciations and also learn proper definitions for them.

Word Aloud stores a history of the words you search for, giving you easy access to past words. The definitions and audio for words are fetched from the Merrian Webster dictionary.

If you are looking for a free software to help you learn English, give Word Aloud a try.

Word Aloud is and it does not require to be installed anywhere, just download it and your own way to learn English.

You may also want to try out our friendly TwitLookup robot to find definitions and more using or find definitions by chatting with our GTalk definition lookup robot.

Note: Please do not rely only on this software, use it as a add-in to whatever professional training you are taking to learn English.

Download Word Aloud

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