Launch All Your Documents, Project Files, Folders, And Bookmarks With Just A Few Keystrokes

Launchy, a freeware has a tiny footprint but is extremely effectual. It is meant to aid users who have many software and applications installed in their system. The software helps such users to open their programs easily without lags. The software is a stunner with curved frame and transparent edges.

The use of this software ensures that how many ever programs you install on your computer your desktop is not overcrowded with shortcut-icons. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista OS and Linux OS. You can make Launchy run on Win 2000 by downloading a dll file and unzipping this dll file to the launchy directory.

Launchy is thus a program that single handedly performs the functions of your start menu and file manager and lets you forget your desktop shortcut icons. Launchy forms an index of the start menu and helps you launch project files, documents, bookmarks folders and more with simple keystrokes. This saves you from the trouble of browsing the programs list on the start menu for locating a desired program.

Once it has been launched it works stashed away in the background. The program launchy can be called for assistance and made visible by hitting Alt+spacebar. Type the initial few letters of the program name and Launchy will proffer you many matches. Hit enter when the program you wish to open is displayed. Hitting the same keys again or hitting escape button will close the program. Alternatively Launchy will also operate on startup.

Launchy is by far the most excellent program launcher released in recent times.

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