KUninstall is a Blazing Fast Uninstall Utility

image The title of this article pretty much gives away the big secret behind KUninstall but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

This portable freeware application often allows you to uninstall a program long before you would have finished opening up the standard Windows Add/Remove applet. Not only is it fast, it also has unique features that Microsoft probably didn’t want you to have. Below I’ll give you some details on how to set up and use KUninstall.

First you’ll have to go to KUninstall’s web page to download it. It’s offered there as a ZIP file and since it’s a portable application, all you need to do is to unpack the zip into a folder. The name of the executable file that starts KUninstall is KUnist.exe. Find that file and double click it to launch the app.

The first thing you’ll see is a list of all programs on your PC that can be uninstalled.


If it’s a long list, you can use the Filter box at the top to type in the name of the program. Below you can see that I was looking for Zuneand it found one application matching what I typed.


Once you have an item highlighted, you can select the Uninstall option by hitting the trash can icon in the toolbar. You can also right click on an item in the list to see more options.


Choosing Open Registrywill open up Regedit and display the uninstall key for the program selected. The Open Installation Folderand Open Web Siteoptions will open the program’s installation folder or open the program’s home website in your default web browser.

I’m not sure why anyone would want to Renamea program, but this feature is there if you need it.

The Detail Infoprovides a very nice table, shown below, which displays all of the information that Windows has about the program selected. Double clicking on some of the items in the table will open up those locations.


Naturally, the Uninstalloption, in the right click menu and the toolbar, is the most important function. If you’ve chosen Uninstall, you’ll see the menu below and you can click Start Uninstall.

The uninstall scripts that are provided by some companies are a bit sloppy and may leave behind useless folders, files and registry entries. KUninstall provides you with an easy way to clean up stray files and registry keys. The Explore Folderand Scan Leftover Itemsfeatures are very useful for finding the scraps left behind.


The final feature I’ll discuss is one of the most unique that I’ve seen in an uninstall utility. The Finderfeature is accessed from the toolbar at the top of KUninstall.


If you drag and drop the Finder cross-hairs onto an open program window, you’ll be presented with a menu which will allow you to Uninstall, Explorer, Locate, Close Windowor Kill Process. Most of these menu items are self explanatory, but I can tell you that the Explorerbutton merely opens up the folder which contains the program that Finder was dropped on.


The Finder also works when you drop it onto Shortcuts and System Tray Icons. That can be very useful when needed.

That’s all I’ve got to say about KUninstall at this time. If you’ve already decided not to try it, you should be aware that Kensoft, the creator of KUninstall, also offers several other free applications that you may find useful.

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