Know The Temperature Of Your Hard Disk With CrystalDisk

We have previously mentioned Xinorbis as a great software to analyze hard drives. The information provided by Xinorbis, however, is more about files and content.

If you want some really technical information about your hard drive such as the temperature, sector count, start/stop count, serial number, seek error rate and other good stuff like this, you should try CrystalDisk. CrystalDisk takes less than a couple of minutes to download and a few seconds to completely scan and analyze your hard disk.

Other attribute information provided by CrystalDisk is your hard disk name, firmware, transfer mode, buffer size, rotation rate, spin retry count, power-on count, power-on hours, read channel margin and over all health status of your disk. In addition to the current, worst and threshold, the raw values are also provided for every attribute. CrystalDisk also provides S.M.A.R.T statistics for your hard drive.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

CrystalDisk is a simple to use, no-nonsense freeware to completely analyze your hard disk for its raw physical attributes. It takes a minute to download and a few seconds to run the report.

Average Rating: 4/5

Download CrystalDisk here.

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