Kill Applications at a Scheduled Time with Process Assassin

There are hundreds of reasons why you may want to shut down a application after a certain time, for example if your ISP has a unlimited bandwidth window at certain hours, you schedule the downloads to happen at those times, if you want to kill the download application when your ISP lifts the unlimited bandwidth window, you need to present in front of the PC to do it.

This can be easily done, but what if the download limits are between 12 and 6AM, would you wake up at 6AM just to close the downloads to save your limited bandwidth?

We have just listed a simple reason on why you may want to automate the process of killing applications, there are 100s of other things which you could think of.


Process Assassin is the right solution for such problems, as it allows you to easily terminate any process / application at a scheduled time, so you can easily schedule the download application to be killed at 5:58AM, just few minutes before your unlimited bandwidth window ends, without having to physically be present.

Process Assassin can also be used as a productivity tool, where you can close applications for twitter or games after a certain time.

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