Integrate Multiple Email Accounts With MailBeans

MailBeans is a new web service that allows you to integrate multiple email accounts so you can check them from a single place. Using MailBeans, you can not only manage your email accounts from a single platform but also create customized stats and reports for your email messages.

You can see all your incoming and outgoing attachments in a single widget, create an address book from all the email accounts and group your contacts as well as emails in anyway you want. You can integrate several email accounts including Gmail, Aol, Hotmail, Yahoo! and POP3 and IMAP email accounts.

A full list of features at MailBeans is given below:

  • works with your  existing email
  • free to use (up to 6 mailboxes per user)
  • check multiple email accounts on the web with a  single sign-on
  • store permanently all messages and attachments  without space limitations in a centralized place no more need to synchronize different locations
  • view emails grouped and summarized in different ways
  • automatic  contacts book creation
  • categorize (with one click) people important for you within “groups”, and  the system will organize all the mails received from them
  • email senders  geolocation (with Google Maps)
  • easy attachments retrieval and  online viewing (with Scribd’s Ipaper)
  • integrated with  Twitter and  Google Talk
  • all mail is  searchable
  • no need to install plugins, applets, or any other piece of software in the local machine

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