Download and Install Multiple Programs At Once With FreeApps

How many software programs do you use regularly? From Firefox to Thunderbird, from an Antivirus program to an image editor, there are just a whole bunch of applications you use daily.

The problem with multiple programs becomes predominant when you format your operating system and sit down installing each application one by one. Go through those setup wizards, complete it like a robot and then pick another one.Another problem is getting the latest version of al the programs from different websites. It’s really frustrating to open a bunch of websites and download the setup files manually.

What if you can create a single application installer for multiple programs and install all of them in one shot ? This will save you time and you don’t have to manage multiple setup files located in different folders on your computer.

FreeApps, a simple website which is similar to AllMyApps lets you handpick software applications from a huge list and lets you download a single setup file for multiple programs. And yes, it’s free with absolutely no strings attached, you don’t have to register or give them your email credentials.

All the programs are organized in different categories e.g Antivirus, Image editing, browsers, email client, IM programs and the like. Just pick the programs and the website will let you download a single setup fie in your computer.

This installer will not download the complete setup file of all the software applications you selected. When you run the installer, it will download all the latest version of the programs in your computer and install them automatically. This is so amazing, just run the tiny program and it does all the hard work in the background.

There is one downside – the installation will abort if the internet connection fails in the middle. Otherwise the app does a very good job in decluttering your hard drive from the older versions of programs and saves your precious time, when you are too tired in setting up programs from scratch.

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Amit Banerjee

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