Install and Manage Google Chrome Themes with XChrome Theme Manager

Update: Google Chrome now officially supports themes, you can read more about installing and using official Google Chrome themes.

We had done a post earlier about how to install themes in Google Chrome, but things change so soon and we already have a unofficial Google Theme manager called XChrome. XChrome takes the hard part out of installing themes.

So unlike earlier, you do not have to copy and replace the default.dll files, XChrome Theme Manager will easily do it for you.


XChrome theme manager is definitely useful since it automates the process of installing new themes, and maintains a history of themes you have installed for Google Chrome, The software is still in beta stages so you can expect bugs in it. In addition to installing themes you can also edit them and create your own Google Chrome theme with the included Theme maker.

Download XChrome Theme Manager [Link removed due to Malware alerts]

10 thoughts on “Install and Manage Google Chrome Themes with XChrome Theme Manager”

  1. I am afraid that if we install more themes into Chrome, the memory usage will be increased and might slow down our PC performance. That is why I love to leave everything as default – no theme/style.

  2. Indeed you are correct Cypherhacks, But this is what the fantasy of any browser is,what extra you are getting.That’s why Firefox is more popular and becomes killer browser with plugins themes & extensions but at the cost of high Memory consumption and slower page loading.

    Thanks kaith for linkback.

  3. Three virus scanners say file has Win32 trojan!!
    either the Techie guy didn’t catch or he is the one who
    is to blame!

  4. Also creator site says this app. is discontinued? and links are down from blogs DNA so I am assuming this app should not be dl at all!!!

  5. FYI – It’s a shame this is no longer updated as it was a great tool for Chrome. Incidentally, there was no malware bundled with xchrome. It got a false positive because of how it went about changing the themes. The developer had explained it all very thoroughly when the application was available.

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