Insert MP3 Files In PowerPoint Presentations Using MP3 AddIn

A popular hitch for the Microsoft PowerPoint user is that it is not possible to insert MP3-files in presentations. MP3 AddIn is a program which solves this problem by aiding you in implanting MP3 files into your PowerPoint without the necessity of converting them using external tools, such as MP3Converter and Quick Media Converter that would entirely convert the file.

When creating presentations, lots of users stumble upon the dilemma of integrating MP3 files into their presentations as PowerPoint requires the audio to be in the WAV file format. With MP3 AddIn, however, you dont need to lose sleep as it internally adds a header and modifies the file name of the MP3 file, tricking’ PowerPoint into dealing with it as if it were a WAV file.A major plus point of only altering the header of the MP3 file is the size.While a real file alteration will lead to great file size transformations,the new WAV file does not occupy much space (about 2 byte larger than the original MP3 file).

MP3Add In lets you relish the advantage of MP3 files while keeping your presentation super micro and tidy.Moreover, you no longer need to consider adding the different MP3files with your presentation when mailing it to friends or clients. It also has an idiot-proof interface with no snags or complex streaming options so you can embed MP3 files into PowerPoint very effortlessly indeed!

Download MP3 AddIn here

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