Open Links In Focused Tabs Or Windows To Increase Productivity

Usually when you come across an article, you might find several links in them, some of which you might want to click and read.

However the default behavior many of us follow is to open the link in a background tab or window and read it later, this works fine if you have a few links to open and read, however most of the times we pile up several background tabs which we need to read.

Now there are two problems with this that tend to make you lose productivity.

  1. At times, you tend to forget why you opened a tab in the first place while reading it.
  2. At a later point of time while reading something you might not find that information relevant or useful at all, wasting both time and energy.

As a good practice, whenever you come across links try to open them in the foreground window or tab and read the information right away, this will help as you know what and why you are reading the information.

It is always better to devour information while you are thinking about it and get done with it, rather than put it on the backburner, of course at times if you find something very interesting, you can create a temporary bookmarks folder and read it at a later time.

This is how I tend to deal with content and information, it works out pretty well for me, however it might not work out well for many others, so it would be good to hear how you deal with devouring information?

Do let us know about the methods you use to stay productivity while reading content.

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Keith Dsouza

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