Improve File Copy Functionality In Windows With Winmend File Copy

Winmend File Copy is a simple free application for Windows which can improve the copy functionality. The utility’s unique key technique makes up for the inadequacy of the system`s default copy functionality and increases the speed of file copy to be 3 times of the system default. This can be used for file and folder copy.


Apart from this, the utility also has resume support for copy which means you can resume the interrupted replication. This utility is especially useful when you are copying very large files from one drive to another.

Features of File Copy;

  1. Can copy large files and folders very quickly around 300% faster
  2. If copying is interrupted for various reasons such as system crash, it can be resumed from the last which is a very useful feature
  3. You can copy files in one of the three modes: "Skip files of the same name", "Match and overwrite files of the same name" and "Overwrite files of the same name"
  4. If any error occurred during copy, it displays the error.

Download Winmend

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