ImmunetProtect: Free Cloud-Based AntiVirus With Collective Wisdom

We have told you about Panda which is a free cloud-based antivirus, then why bother telling you about another one? Well, ImmunetProtect offers something that Panda doesn’t.

Firstly, ImmunetProtect has been put together by veterans of Symantec and McAfee who know what they are doing when it comes to computer security. Secondly, ImmunetProtect is a community-based antivirus where all users of the community would be instantly warned if a virus gets into even one of the computers.

Instead of traditional updates by the anti-virus companies, the protection in case of ImmunetProtect would be real time. Information about every attack would be recorded in the cloud and users will be able to help others by sharing their experiences.

Here’s what people who made ImmunetProtect have to say about it:

Immunet Protect provides protection by harnessing the collective wisdom of the security products that you already run, as well as knowledge on the applications installed across Immunet’s entire user population.

Here are some key features of ImmunetProtect:

Monitor Application Install:
· Examines all new software applications that are installed on your computer. This includes programs that you intentionally installed, and programs installed by other applications in background such as updates

Monitor Application Start:
· Examines all applications when they begin run on your computer. This provides an additional layer of security by detecting threats missed during their installation.

Active Protection Mode:
· Prevents applications from being installed on your computer until they are determined to be safe. Normally, this determination takes a fraction of a second. If disabled, applications will be installed first, and their security checked later.

You can download ImmunetProtect here.

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  • I heard about Panda some time back but I’m still using Nod 32 .. Keith what’s your take on these cloud based antivirus??