iMelo: CoverFlow Like Music Player for Nokia Touch Phones


We all know how bland the default Music player of Nokia S60v5 phones looks. Nokia’s "XpressMusic" branded phones provide exceptional music quality but lack an awesome looking Media player UI as in the Apple iPhone or Sony Ericsson Phones. Being a touch based platform, Nokia should have spiced up the music player with more eye candy as their competitors provide.

Well Nokia is definitely not going to do anything regarding this matter now, but the developers of Landscape Pro, a very popular application for Nokia S60v3 based phones, have been developing an application called ‘iMelo’ whose interface matches the interface of iPhone’s coverflow closely. The application is still under development and will also be available for Nokia’s S60v3 phone, when launched.

I am going to share with you guys my experience with this application based on my couple of days of usage, but readers should keep in mind that this application is still under development and there will be a big difference in performance and even the UI may completely change when the final version is released.

When the application is first launched, you are presented with a static loading screen, and in the background the application scans your whole memory card for audio files. Some people may like it, some may not. The problem here is that since the application scans your whole memory card and if you have a huge collection of songs then the application will take an extremely long time to start and all this while you will be staring at the static loading screen of the application.

Due to this at one point of time I thought the phone hung and was going to remove the battery, but just then the application started working.  The application does look stunning and the whole interface is nothing but an exact replica of iPhone’s Cover Flow style.


The CoverFlow style may look pleasing to the eye but the application is definitely slow and also has serious memory leakage issues. For example I had around 51MB of Free RAM on my Nokia 5800 before starting this application, after starting it, my free RAM went down to just 5MB within a couple of minutes. Since I am using a preview build here, I hope all these issues will be sorted out in the Final version. A very nice feature of this application is the inclusion of Kinetic Scrolling throughout the interface. This will definitely be useful for people who have a huge music collection on their phones.


What this application lacks is an equalizer along with Stereo Widening and Loudness Option. Being a preview version I could not use the volume control, so I can’t comment whether the loudness offered by iMelo is the same as the one provided by Nokia’s default Music player.

Here is the a video of iMelo in action –

If you are interested in trying out iMelo, you can purchase Landscape Pro and along with it, you will get the preview version of iMelo free.

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