Image Resizer Powertoy Clone Enables Resizing of Images from the Context Menu

Following Windows XP’s release, Microsoft had released several tiny applications called Powetoys for Windows XP. Although TweakUI went on to be the most popular Powertoy, there were many other gems like Image Resizer. Image Resizer enabled users to resize a picture or a group of pictures from the right-click context menu.

Unfortunately, Microsoft discontinued the tradition of releasing Powertoys with Windows Vista. Image Resizer Powertoy Clone is an open source application which brings the functionality offered by Windows Resizer to Windows 7 and Vista. It resizes selected images without altering the original image. You can use any one of the four preset sizes or specify a custom size. You can also ask Image Resizer to modify and overwrite the original image, in case you want to save space.


Techie Buzz Verdict

Image Resizer is good at what it does. If the specified output resolution doesn’t match the original aspect ratio, it will resize the image without altering the aspect ratio. In such cases Image Resizer will ensure that both the width and the height is less than or equal to the specified value. From what I could tell, Image Resizer doesn’t save images at 100% quality settings. This keeps file sizes in check without any perceivable loss in image quality. Image Resizer’s biggest strength is convenience. It has its own limitations, but is excellent for quick resizing tasks.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

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One thought on “Image Resizer Powertoy Clone Enables Resizing of Images from the Context Menu”

  1. Wow, looks like Xp has been more suported that vista recently. This is an example of how the need to evolve bears not necesarily good fruits (about vista).

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