Identify and Open Unknown File Extensions With OpenWith

Have you ever come across a file that you have no clue about? Did Windows ever throw a prompt at your face saying that Windows cannot open the file? This happens because the in-built functionality of Windows simply does not know how to deal with unknown file types, the online search too is a lame excuse for finding applications to open files.


We have told readers about a service that will let your identify unknown files, however a much better desktop based solution called OpenWith beats the competition in providing information about unknown file types. provides detailed information about most file extension and links to free programs that can open and create each type of file. Once you have installed, instead of double clicking on unknown file types, right click on the file and choose the option that says How do I Open This?


Clicking on the menu item will open up a new window, where the application will search for file type and display a brief description and link to free softwares that can open the particular type of file.


If a particular file type can be opened by multiple softwares, you will see a list of them in the new window, just click on the download link next to the software you want to download and install.

Once you have installed the compatible software for the file type, you can easily open the earlier unknown file type, which will now be recognized by the software you installed. Dead simple, just ask your mom and pop to install this software, and you will definitely stop receiving phone calls and emails, when they come across something they cannot open.

Download OpenWith [via Life Hacker]

5 thoughts on “Identify and Open Unknown File Extensions With OpenWith”

  1. Can anyone put any file ext they want upon save and open it in the program they know works? It seems every file my brother saves has an ext that doesn’t work or open with the logical program. Will your “OpenWith” program be able to recognize it even if it has a bogus ext.?

  2. When trying to download the exe, my anti-virus gives a warning that a trojan exists.

    PLease verify that this site is “clean”?

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