ChromePass Lets You View / Recover Passwords in Google Chrome

allows you to store username/password combinations for websites, but unlike Firefox there is no easy way to view the username/passwords that are store for a given website.

ChromePass fills in the void by displaying the passwords stored by Google Chrome. For each password entry the origin URL, action URL, username, password and created time is displayed.


ChromePass also allows you to export the password to a text/XML/html file format, making it easier for you to keep track of all the passwords. ChromePass is freeware and does not require any installations and can be run as a standalone application.

Download ChromePass

11 thoughts on “ChromePass Lets You View / Recover Passwords in Google Chrome”

  1. i cant get this to work… it seems like a very simple program, but still wont load my chrome pass into it… i just need to save them so i can redo my system….

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