How to View All The fonts Installed in Windows with WinFontsView

WinFontsView is a nifty utility which can be used to view all the installed fonts in your Windows System. It is a portable application and thus require no installation. You can carry this small utility in a usb stick and use it on multiple computers.

We have earlier covered some font utilities for windows which includes viewing Windows fonts with Fonticate and some free font viewers for Windows. If you want to print a particular font, read our earlier post.

Here is how the fonts window looks in WinFontsView


The application shows up to 5 samples for each installed font in different sizes.You can view the fonts in bold, italics and underline styles. You can also export the list of fonts into an html file. To view the fonts in other languages, go to advanced options or press F8.


Also check out some interesting websites where you can find free fonts for Windows and Mac.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

WinFontsView is good if you are interested in just seeing the fonts installed in your computer. Does a good job but I would like to see more functions in the upcoming versions.(e.g exporting or importing fonts )

Techie-Buzz rating: 2/5 (Average).

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