How to Send Email Attachments to DropBox Automatically

If you use Dropbox to upload files on the fly and receive a lot of email attachments everyday, check out Maildrop. This application can check a particular label in your email account and download attachments from all the email messages stored in that label. Next, all these attachments are saved in the local Dropbox folder and synched with your online Dropbox account.

How it Works

How to get this working?, I hear you say. Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. First open your Gmail inbox. Go to “settings” and enable IMAP for all mail.


2. Create a new label and name it as “attached” (or anything of your choice). You will use this label to send email attachments to Dropbox automatically.

3. You can also set up a Gmail filter to move any email containing an attachment to the “attached” label automatically. Go to settings, select the “Filter” tab and click “Create a new Filter”

4. Select the checkbox “Has attachment” and click “Next step”.


5. Select “Apply the label” and hit “Create Filter”.


6. Now, Gmail will automatically send any email containing an attachment to the label named “Attached”. The email set up is over.

7. Start MailDrop and go to the program settings. Fill in your email credentials and the label you created in step 2. In this case the label name is “Attached”.


8. You are done with the set up. Now send a test email containing an attachment and check your Dropbox account after some time for the attachment.

The application checks the specified label after a predefined interval set by you. If it finds a new email, the attachment is first saved in the local Dropbox folder. Next, the attachment is synched with your online Dropbox account. Thanks DownloadSquad.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The software is simple, useful and anybody using Dropbox must use it to automatically scan email for attachments and send them to Dropbox. But as we know, Gmail has a limitation on attachment size and thus you can not upload large attachments to Dropbox using MailDrop.

Techie Buzz rating: 5/5 (Excellent).


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