How to Lock and Resume Windows Sessions With a USB Stick

If your workplace conditions are too busy and you fear someone else might peek into your system when you are away, Predator will be useful. This program uses a simple USB stick to lock and resume Windows sessions.

You insert the USB drive and and run Predator when Windows starts. Whenever you want to lock your computer, just remove the USB stick. The Mouse and Keyboard are disabled and the screen goes black. You come back and plug in your USB to restore the display and work as usual.

You may think – why not lock computer using a password and hitting the Window key + L   shortcut?. There is no harm using Windows password to lock the computer, but there are some disadvantages. First, you have to type the password while resuming a Windows session. Second, if you do not change your password regularly, trespassers may notice and know about it.

With Predator, you don’t have to type anything. The USB drive becomes the only key to your computer.

How to Install Predator

Download Predator and unzip the package. Run the set up and install the program in the C drive ( Do not try to install in any removable drive, it won’t work).

You will be prompted to insert the USB drive and choose a password as shown below:


Click “Ok” and choose a password in the subsequent window as shown below


After that, choose the USB drive and hit “Create Key”. You are done wih the set up process.

When you start Windows and want to use your USB drive as a key, simply insert the USB drive and remove it after a couple of seconds. Windows will be locked and can be unlocked by using only your USB drive.

Security Features of Predator

Predator logs all the events in a log file so you can read the log file and know if someone tried to intrude your system while you have been away. Anyone trying to copy your USB drive and unlock your computer will be disheartened because the security codes are changed by Predator frequenty. Moreover, Predator disables the Windows task manager so that nobody can kill the process by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Predator does what it says and works perfectly in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you lose the USB drive, you can regain control as Predator lets you set a password which will unlock session if your USB stick isn’t available. I love the simplicity of the application and this is a must use tool for those who work in an unsecured environment.

Techie Buzz rating: 4.5/5 (very good).

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