How To Install WordPress on Windows? [Video Tutorial]

In a normal software release cycle we have a development, staging and production environment where we:

  • Develop and test software on the development.
  • Stage the code on Staging environment for QA and clients to test.
  • And then move it to actual live production environment for the end users.

In a similar way, when you are planning to add a new plugin or make changes to your theme, it is always advisable to test it out on your local environment once, before you move the plugin or theme changes to your live website.

There are often bugs and issues you can find and fix while you test on your local environment, so that your move to the live website will be bug free and not cause errors. We followed the same cycle, before we released our new theme to the live website.

If you are not doing this, we highly urge you to do that going forward. If you are not aware of how to install WordPress on your Windows PC, here is a YouTube video (Thanks Sumesh), that details every aspect of installing WordPress on your local windows PC.

On the other hand if you are looking for a step by step tutorial to install WordPress on your Windows PC, Simple Help has a excellent tutorial to install WordPress on Windows using the powerful Wampserver.

And by the way, by default many windows web servers do not enable mod rewrite by default, so testing your permalinks may not be possible initially, but we have a solution to that problem, head to our tutorial to enable mod rewrite in windows and test your custom permalinks.

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  • Thanks Keith, I’ve had a couple of clients in the past need to install WP on Windows, this will really help in the future.

  • Thanks for the link, Keith – and glad you found the video share-worthy. Bet Shane (author of the video) would be happy with the extra attention.

    PS: The new design(atleast to me, I’ve not come off GReader for ages) looks slick – except the RSS area, where you’ve used one too many words.

  • It was pretty easy, thanks for the tutorial and for the easy simple steps. It worked like a charm!