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In the past, we have told you how to password protect your folders, lock folders and even encrypt your files and folders. However, wouldn’t it be nicer if you could hide entire drives from your My Computer window?

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NoDrives Manager is a handy , which will allow you to hide logical drives from My Computer window and other file open/save dialogs. Once you download NoDrives manager, you can run it by double clicking on the executable.

select_drive_to_hide write_drive_hide_settings_to_registry

To hide drives from explorer and other file dialogs, select the drive from the list, and click on the Write current settings to the registry.


Once you save the settings to the registry,a dialog will tell you to log off for the settings to take effect. Once you log back in, the drive should be hidden.

before_hiding_drives hidden_drive

Techie Buzz Verdict

NoDrives Manager is a handy tool to hide your drives. However, the software is not foolproof, so any tech savvy person could simply type in the drive letter in the explorer window to browse the content.

Another issue with this software is that the results are not instant, so you will have to log off and log in, every time you want to hide a drive.

Rating: 2/5 (Good)

Download NoDrives Manager

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