How to find if your computer is compatible with Vista

Want to get your PC installed with Windows Vista, but not sure of whether your computer is compatible with it? Vista requires some decent hardware configuration to run on. So how do you check if your computer hardware is compatible with Vista? Can your computer run Vista or not?

There’s a way to find out if you’re on XP.

In order to check if your computer’s hardware is compatible with Vista or not, Microsoft provides you with a tool called Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.

So what do you do to find out if your computer can run Vista?

Test Vista compatibility with Vista Compatibility Checker

  • Just download the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor from the official Microsoft Site (this tool in turn requires .NET 2.0 framework to run).
  • Microsoft advises you to keep your other devices like printers, scanners, etc connected in order that their compatibility be also checked.
  • Once installed, the Windows Vista Upgrade checker icon can be found on the desktop. Launch the application, and click ‘Start Scan’.
  • Click ‘See Details’ to view whether your computer is Vista compatible or not.
  • In the next screen, the results will be displayed.
  • The tool will also recommend a particular flavour of Vista as well that is suited to run on your computer
  • Any minor issues, will also be displayed down under.

So, that’s how you check if your computer hardware is compatible with Vista or not.

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