How To Download Videos From MegaVideo?

Update: You can download another software that will help you download Megavideo files to your desktop. Download Megavideo downloader. Don’t forget to Read a Step by Step guide for Downloading Videos From Megavideo.

In the past we have told you how you can download videos from YouTube and Google Videos, however there are several other popular video services and we will cover them too, to show you how to download videos from other popular video services.

The video service we will talk about today is MegaVideo, which is a very popular video service and hosts several videos found on the internet.


A handy service called ClipNabber helps users to easily download videos from MegaVideo, all you have to do is enter the URL for the video and click on the Nab it button, you should get the direct link to download the FLV video in less than 5 seconds.


You can use a FLV player to view the video from the desktop, if you do not have a FLV player, take a look at the Free FLV Player we recommend.


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