Create ISO Files From Any Folder [Folder2ISO]

ISO files is a very popular way of distributing large content over the internet and many software creators like Microsoft bundle their softwares into a ISO image file. In the past we have written about several tools that help you know how to open a .iso file, mount ISO files as a virtual CD/DD drive and burn any ISO file to a CD or DVD.

If you are looking to create ISO files we just came across a nice little freeware portable utility called Folder2ISO that will help you create ISP files from any folders.

Folder2ISO does not require any installation and can create ISO from files from any folder and also includes all the sub-folders that exist in a folder.


Definitely useful way to create and distribute content.

Download Folder2ISO   [Folder2ISO via Madhur Kapoor’s Blog]

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    1. You can download WinRar to open files like .rar/.zip/.iso and many other file formats. For download go to “”

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