How To Check PageRank in Google Chrome?

With the recent PageRank update many webmasters and publishers may be eager to check their latest PageRank scores, but if you are using Google Chrome there is no toolbar available yet to view the PageRank.

If you do not want to switch between multiple browsers just to check page ranks, here is a handy bookmarklet you can use to check PageRank in Google Chrome.

Just drag and drop the Google PageRank bookmarklet to your favorites bar and click on it whenever you want to check the PageRank of any given page.


This tool is a part of our collections of the extensive useful tools and utilities we are launching for users. Do try it out and give your feedback to us.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • Awesome! I was desperately looking for a way that I can quit using Firefox. I mean firefox is great but chrome is fast. I just wish chrome had more extensions and a google toolbar!

  • I have recently add Page Rank extension in Google chrome its just working fine.

  • Thanks for tip

    • How we can a pr checker web page with PHP?
      Can we check pr in google by direct?

  • Is their any plugin by which we can check PG like in toolbar

  • hello,
    Search in Google for Page Rank Tool Bar. You will get the toolbar, just install it. n enjoy. its better to use Firefox instead of Google Chrome because there are many options and lots of plugins present in Firefox.

  • Great bookmark. I know you heard this a zillion times but I just wished chrome had plugins like firefox. Oh well can’t have everything you want in life. Ciao

  • coollllllllll and thanks :)

  • It is a great tool guys

  • yes the toolbar is very important about me and any masterweb to check the page rank google or alexa … etr

  • Since I have to check rank report on regular basis I know the procedure of checking. However, I mainly prefer mozilla to do my work, but after reading it I will definitely give Google Chrome a try.

  • What stupid that it isnt in chrome. Its form google ne pr is important for google.

  • Jro

    Really good tool. Good advice!

  • I am using ‘PageRank Status’ extension in google crome for check page rank.

  • Tom

    Excellent! This was the only reason I would use IE. Now I don’t need to!

  • I think we can add extension to check the page rank easily.

  • I used to check the PR with Alexa plugin.

  • Thanks a lot! I was really wanting something like this for a long time, since I started using Chrome…

  • wow. it is useful to check page rank of a site. it is really awesome one.

  • Just did it.. worked great. Was looking for a way to check pagerank in chrome cause Chrome is the best… Thanks, Jason

  • Great tool but I have to type in the website every time I want to check it would be great if the tool works automatically

  • That’s really useful but is their a tool to include Alexa rank and other stats like you can get on Firefox?

  • see that you this no longer works. It must have been to the ads displaying

  • Awesome tool. Very useful. Muchos gracias!

  • thanks great tool..helpful sharing