How To Check PageRank in Google Chrome?

With the recent PageRank update many webmasters and publishers may be eager to check their latest PageRank scores, but if you are using Google Chrome there is no toolbar available yet to view the PageRank.

If you do not want to switch between multiple browsers just to check page ranks, here is a handy bookmarklet you can use to check PageRank in Google Chrome.

Just drag and drop the Google PageRank bookmarklet to your favorites bar and click on it whenever you want to check the PageRank of any given page.


This tool is a part of our collections of the extensive useful tools and utilities we are launching for users. Do try it out and give your feedback to us.

66 thoughts on “How To Check PageRank in Google Chrome?”

  1. Awesome! I was desperately looking for a way that I can quit using Firefox. I mean firefox is great but chrome is fast. I just wish chrome had more extensions and a google toolbar!

  2. hello,
    Search in Google for Page Rank Tool Bar. You will get the toolbar, just install it. n enjoy. its better to use Firefox instead of Google Chrome because there are many options and lots of plugins present in Firefox.

  3. Since I have to check rank report on regular basis I know the procedure of checking. However, I mainly prefer mozilla to do my work, but after reading it I will definitely give Google Chrome a try.

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