How to Change Windows Screen Resolutions Using Hotkeys

[Windows only]: Changing Windows screen resolutions can be a bit tiring, when you have multiple monitors attached to your system. Or may be you are designing something and want to see how the design looks in different screen resolutions. HotKey Resolution Changer is a free utility for Windows which can change Windows screen resolutions in one click.

The best thing about this freeware is that it’s portable, does not require any installation and can thus be used from a removable drive.

To get started, Download HotKey Resolution Changer, unzip the package and run the executable. Double click the system tray icon and you will see the following interface:

Pull the dropdown menus to select a custom Windows screen resolution and click the “Set” button to assign a unique keyboard shortcut. When you hit the keyboard hot key, the resolution is changed immediately. You can set   a maximum of 9 hot keys and resolutions below 800 X 600 are not supported yet. The application stores the hot key information in a configuration file, so you do not have to enter the hot keys again and again.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Overall, it’s a very basic yet useful app for those who need to frequently change Windows screen resolutions. Sure, you won’t need this app for day to day computing jobs but it will be quite handy when you are designing something or using multi monitor setups.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).

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