Change File Extensions Using Right Click Menu [File Extension Changer]

The default view in Windows Explorer hides the extensions of all known file-types, in such cases changing file extensions becomes difficult. You can change the default setting though to display the file extensions for all file types by opening the Folder options in Windows Explorer and un-checking the option that says, Hide extensions for know file types.


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However not everyone would not want to see the extensions for files, in such cases File Extension changer is a handy utility that will allow you to change any file extensions from the right click context menu of any given file or folder.

file-extension-change-right-click-menu-screenshot file-extension-changer-change-extension-options-screenshot

Once you click on the change extension option you will be show a dialog box where you can specify the new extension for the file, type in the new extension and click on change and exit. The changes should be applied to the file immediately.


File Extension changer is a free utility for Windows only.

Download File Extension Changer Installer or Portable Edition

3 thoughts on “Change File Extensions Using Right Click Menu [File Extension Changer]”

  1. This is very useful if you want to change a image file from jpg to png or bmp.
    Just right click and rename the extension and the change is done. Quick!

  2. it’s quite useful though to turn on viewing file extensions. mostly because it’s easier to see if a file is what it says it is, or a trojan.

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