How Can I Personalize My Cursors On My System

Personalizing cursors can be fun ! And more fun when you make your favorite Disney characters as your cursors and the kids at home would love it ! If you thought customizing your cursor was a difficult task, then you were wrong as it is a no brainer job with the readily and freely available software AniTuner, which allows users to personalize their cursors.

This means that you can now animate your cursors and revamp their mundane look. You can do this by importing your favourite animated images in the format of GIF and then animate your cursor frame by frame. You can further, customize the appearance of your system’s Windows as per your desires. Next, you can also convert images to animations and display them on your website, emails, manuals, applications and documents.

The striking feature of AniTuner is that its inbuilt features can generate animated cursors from your regular animated GIF and AVI images. In addition, you can also import the existing static images in formats like BMP, PNG, GIF, PSD, ICO, CUR and turn them into animated cursors. Also, you can edit, remove and replace the frames of animated cursors with the help of this tool. You can further manipulate the duration of the animation by accessing the preview feature of this tool. The size of the cursors created by this tool can vary between different sizes. Also, the color depth of the cursor can vary from 1bpp to 32bpp.

This application offers special support to 32 bit cursors equipped with 8-bit alpha channel. When you download the installation kit of AniTuner, you get a help file, an animated tutorial file in Flash format and some really good samples of animated cursors. All this is available for free download. You do not need the aid of any other software for accessing the features of this application.

Have fun customizing and be rest assured that your friends will be amazed once they see what you have and will soon want something similar for themselves !!

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