Hotmail Hosts Over 1.3 Billion Inboxes

Of course, a lot of people have multiple email accounts but even after taking that into consideration, 1.3 billion is a really large number. This and more stats were shared by Arthur De Haan over at the Windows Team Blog recently.

Here are some other interesting stats:

  • Hotmail is offered in 59 regional markets and 36 different languages.
  • Over 350 Million people use Hotmail actively on a monthly basis.
  • Over 1 billion messages are marked as spam and filtered out from the inboxes daily.
  • Hotmail currently has 155 Peta byte of storage and is growing at 2 PB/month.

These are some of stats shared by Arthur De Haan, the director of Windows Live Test and System Engineering. He also discussed other behind the scenes working of hotmail including the architecture of the hardware powering these services, the engineering process, testing, code deployment and change management. Arthur also mentioned that 70% of the 155 PB storage is taken up by attachments mostly photos.

Posts like these from Windows team is certainly a good gesture of breaking ice with the consumer, being interactive and sharing more information about how things work up at Microsoft. Even though they are far behind Google, Facebook and other internet giants when it comes to open communication with users, they are at least trying to start.

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