Hide Unwanted Items From Right Click Context Menu In Windows With ShellExView

If you tend to install lot of softwares, after a while the right click context menu grows out of bounds and slows down the right click menu. Too bad that Windows does not have a smart context menu like or Firefox with the help of FFChrome a handy add-on we told you about recently.

If you have been facing the problem, but do not want to uninstall all those useful utilities here is a simple freeware utility that will bring you some relief. ShellExView is a real handy tool to remove/disable unwanted items from the right click context menu in Windows.


ShellExView does not require any installation, download and double click the executable and wait for it to populate the context menu items, to disable a item, right click and select disable selected items on it or press F7 and it should not be viewable when you right click on a file, to re-enable the item press the F8 hotkey or use the right click option and select enable selected items.

Download ShellExView [via WongSK]

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