Taskbar Helper : Hide Your Opened Windows In System Tray

Taskbar Helper is free utility that lets you hide or show application windows in the system tray. You can do this for any program even if the program does not offer this by default e.g Google Chrome. By doing this you can have less cluttered taskbar.

Download Taskbar Helper and install it.

Start the application. Now you will see the opened application windows listed in it.


There are options using which you can set any opened application to hide in the system tray when you minimize them. You can also make those windows totally invisible (not recommended).

You can use the Start With Windowscheckbox to make the tool start when your Windows boots.

Although you can configure the hiding options for any opened window from the Taskbar Helper main window, the changes are valid only for that instance of the application. Hence to make them applicable to all the instances of the application use Preferences. The Preferences button an be found at the top of the window. Click it and make the necessary changes and press “Apply” once you are done.


Techie-Buzz Verdict

Taskbar Helper is a free tool with very little (2-3Mb) memory requirements. The configuration process is also very simple. The tool is compatible with all Windows platforms. On a concluding note, I must mention that it’s a perfect choice for people who prefer to multi-task and need to keep multiple windows opened while working.

Techie-Buzz Rating : 3.5 / 5 (Very Good)

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