Hard Drive Monitor

Hard Drives are constantly in use, reading and writing data continuously, however hard drive crashes can definitely send you into a frenzy, unless you keep regular , so monitoring hard drives becomes a important part in your day to day PC life.


But how do you monitor hard drives? The answer is not hard, you can monitor hard drives with a useful utility which is called Hard Drive monitor.

Hard drive monitor monitors your hard disks and shows you detailed reports which include, current hard drive temperature, drive status, drive information, spin-up time and more, all the data is updated in real time.

Hard Drive Monitor Features

  • Tiny monitoring utility, has a very small memory footprint.
  • , use it from anywhere you want on any PC.
  • Shows you real-time hard drive temperatures, by displaying it in the system tray.
  • Support for multiple hard drives.
  • and supports all Windows OS.

Download Hard Drive Monitor

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