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I have been using Google Voice for sometime now and have been pretty satisfied using  it. It has made a lot of things easier including managing messages and voice calls.

google_voice_logo Prior to today, Google Voice was invite only. It is still invite only, but Google has introduced a new ploy to market their service a la . Google has definitely made the best use of this strategy, just look at Gmail’s success today.

Starting today, Google Voice users can send out invites to other people. If you are interested in getting an invite. I have three Google Voice invites to giveaway. To get into the fray, just leave a comment on this post as to why you want one. Adding Techie Buzz rocksin the comment, will definitely earn you some goodie points :-).

Don’t fret if you don’t get an invite, you can always request an invite for Google Voice.

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  • taiwan101

    Hi, May I have a inviation of Google Voice to try ? thanks.

  • taiwan101

    Hi, I add this comment again :)


    Techie Buzz rocks.

  • James

    Techie Buzz rocks!!!!!

    I have been waiting for one of these invites for over two months now! Google for some reason has decided to cock-blocked my computer and cell phones from having the ménage à trois they so desperately desire. Please help them get their groove on!!

  • David

    I would like one so I can use it for the business I am starting up next week. Funds are low and Google Voice will be perfect!

    Oh yea Techie Buzz rocks rocks my socks!

  • Techie Buzz rocks!
    Hi…Although I don’t know everything about the google talk invite, I still want an invite. Techie Buzz really does rock and I became a follower today after running into your site. Thanks!

  • Google Voice is an amazing concept. The fact of owning more than 3 phones is a reason good enough, I believe? I am in a start-up firm that does require to use a lot of these features :) Out of the numerous features, I would definitely be using a lot of conference calls, voice-mail transcripts, block calls and SMS. And as usual Techie Buzz rocks for sharing such wonderful posts!

  • Alex

    hi i was waiting months for a invite and when i finally got mine i never noticed that it was in a my spam folder and by the time i did get to looking in there when i clicked the invite link it gave me a INVALID and now i have to wait for another invite which i think wont come till its free for signup

    btw Techie Buzz rocks.

  • Hank

    Hey techie-buzz, cool site. I was searching about Google Voice and came across your page. I’ll be back constantly so send an invite over.

  • I have multiple cell phones and at my job my phone it is vital that people be able to reach me I would love to be able have one point of contact for everyone to contact me by. and would love if that number were not my direct personal line this way I could have a “gatekeeper”.

    Techie Buzz rocks

  • chazz

    Techie Buzz rocks

    I have a Droid. Would love to be able to use G Voice.

  • I have put in a request via 2 different gmail accounts several days ago. I'm not in a dire need for the service, but I was curious if you know of a website that is giving them away for the consideration of receiving future ones? I remember that I received a free invite to join gmail when it was in beta mode and that website only asked for the consideration that you return the favor when you get the ability to send out invites. Kinda like I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

    It would be nice to receive 1 voice invitation and I would absolutely give up the ones I requested when they arrive.

    Figured I'd ask you to see if you be da man! I figure that because Techie Buzz Rocks that you might be in the know!

    Thanks and I appreciate your consideration, Ron.

  • ronnick

    im i need of one due to the fact im getting ready to start somewhere new , im to get my life together my cell phone now is on the verge of getting cut off . im prepaid money is tighter then tight where im going i only know myself:)

  • pozzdonnz

    i need both Google voice and Google Plus Pls Someone invite Me at [email protected] thx