Google Gets A New Favicon

Techcrunch just reported that Google just unveiled a new favicon for its websites, which is much more colorful than the plain g’ it was using earlier.

The new favicon uses colors from the default Google logo. We think that this logo will definitely not go down as one of Google’s better creative decisions amongst regular users.

google-old-favicon  google-new-favicon

Take a look at the earlier favicon and the new favicon and tell us which one is better?

8 thoughts on “Google Gets A New Favicon”

  1. Uhhh, to be Google savvy should not you include the original favicon …The upper case G enclosed in the multi-coloured square. FTW, freedom thru wisdom!

  2. I guess I like it, but it throws me off when I want to switch back to a tab for search or adsense… Unfortunately, it reminds me of Microsoft… the colors even go in the same order, though flipped 45 degrees.

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