Google Docs Uploader

We love using and have also suggested it as a free alternative for Microsoft Office and a handy alternative to editing Word documents, however once you have shifted to using Google Docs, you will still need to upload your documents there to be able to edit and share it with others.

This is no problem if you want to upload a single document, but if you are looking to upload multiple documents to Google Docs, you can save yourself some time by making use of the  Google Docs Uploader which makes use of the Docs API to upload documents to your Google Docs account.

Using the Google Docs Uploader is pretty simple, just download the software and run it by double clicking the application, you will need to signin to your Google Docs account before you can start uploading the documents.


Once you have signed in to your account, just drag and drop the documents you want to upload, and Google Docs Uploader will take care of the rest. You can also choose to assign a right click context menu item, that will allow you to quickly upload word documents from Windows explorer.


Definitely useful and worth downloading if you are a Google Docs user. If you are looking for more handy Google Docs tools, check out Getting The Best Out of Google Docs.

Download Google Docs Uploader

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