Gmail Gets Themes

This is a definite good news, a new feature has been spotted in the wild by Ashish Mohta. Yes you heard it right, themes are coming to Gmail pretty soon and there are lots of choices out there. Take a look at the screenshot to see the different themes that are available in Gmail.


The themes take a cue from IG and have a lot of cute ones. The themes are not yet available to all users, but will definitely be rolled out in next few days. Are you excited about getting themes in Gmail?

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Keith Dsouza

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  • I just saw this as I was checking my mail today. Cool, very cool!

  • its about time. im tired of my emails plainness.

  • Jim

    Finally! So much for sterile white/blue mail.

  • i have been using a mail client and i sort of not used the web interface for over six months.
    so many themes..

  • i like the ninja design the best :D

  • I have noticed a couple of people posting about this. The themes look like they will bring a fresh touch to emails. Now if only hotmail would do it :P