Gleebox lets you Navigate the Web Using Your Keyboard

Gleebox lets you Navigate the Web Using Your Keyboard

If you want to quickly navigate the web using only your keyboard, Gleebox can be helpful. It takes a keyboard centric approach to browsing, allowing you to perform the common mouse actions using your keyboard.

Gleebox is available for Firefox as a Grease monkey script and for Google chrome as an extension. Once the installation is over you can start using it by pressing the Gkey which brings Gleebox into focus. Following is the list of shortcut keys to work with:

  • Tab: moves to the next selected element.
  • Shift + Tab: moves to the previous selected element.
  • Enter: launch a link or execute a command.
  • Shift + Enter: opens a link in a new tab (only in Firefox at the moment. In Chrome, it depends upon the ‘target’ attribute of link)
  • Esc: quit using Gleebox if it is focused. If the Gleebox button isn’t highlighted, simply press Gto quit.

More advanced commands can be found from the user manual page.

The interesting thing about Gleebox is that when you enter any text in a page, it searches for links on the current page that matches with the text. If it finds any links, the link is highlighted and to open it, just press the return key.

In case there is no link matching with the text you have entered, Gleebox goes further and performs a search on Google. Watch the following screen cast to have an idea how Gleebox works:

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Gleebox works great but it may conflict with sites which have their own keyboard shortcuts defined (e.g Gmail, Google reader etc).

Techie-Buzz rating: 3/5 (average)

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  • In the latest Chrome extension, you will have a chance to add the websites you do not want gleeBox to work on. So, stay tuned. That pet peeve will surely go away. Moreover, gleeBox is till learning and growing.

    You're welcome to raise an issue at

    Thanks for the press.

  • Check out if you like Gleebox, it's a nice cross browser alternative

    • I agree that departr is nice and is cross browser but it is just for searching particular websites. GleeBox on the other hand, is by default a "commandline access" to the webpage you are currently on with focus of traversing through links only, or headings, or images or searching anything within the page.

      So, its a Mouse alternative (just in case you hate mouse) unlike
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