Get the missing ‘UP’ button in VISTA Windows Explorer

Every PC user switching from XP to Vista, fondly remembers the ‘UP’ button in Windows Explorer, which allows you to quickly jump to one level up in the folder hierarchies. Most XP users are so accustomed to using this highly useful button, that it is very frustrating in the beginning, when you switch to Vista.

Mavis Applications, which are known for their innovative software developments, provide a small piece of download, which restores a shiny, bold UP button, just what you have been missing long. It is super easy to install and is light-weight, only 30 kb of RAM space !

But it is not free, you will have to pay a small sum of $5 for it, but you can download and use it free for the first five days.

There is yet another alternative, QTTabbar, which lets you get the UP button, along with the tabbed browsing functionality to Windows Explorer. I found a nice step-by-step guide for its installation here at How To Geek. and the best part is that it is FREE. But the installation of this tool is not that simple.

And here comes the best tool, in case you are just not knowing it. You know best is always revealed at last.

Simply use ALT + Up Arrow Key.

Its simple and its FREE.

I wonder, who will pay Mavis now.

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