Get Credits When Someone Copies Text From Websites

At times, what people do with technology just amazes me. There have been a lot of moments when I’d go – ‘ahhh.. that’s just so simple yet effective’ , and today I’m gonna talk about one such implementation of technology.

If you have a pretty famous blog, then without a second thought you can be sure that a lot of content is being copied and reproduced on other sites. Some of them give credit but most don’t. What would u do in such a situation. Running behind all the people who copy content can be a night mare and a tedious task. What if, you could some minimal changes to your site and benefit from others copying content from your site ?

That’s exactly what Tracer does. Tracer, is what leads you on, recording each time a user highlights or copies any text, image from your site. It is a very simple light weight JavaScript that sits in site and tactfully adds a link back to the original content if copied and pasted in any other blog / in emails.

Watch this video to see Tracer in action :

Now it is convenient for you to see what is being copied from your site, and an added bonus of benefits from additional traffic generated by each copy. You can surely say Tracer is a unique and new way of generating more visits and page views, bringing in greater credit.

This also improves your understanding of user engagement, and strengthens your search engine ranking. Tracer, provides you with few advantages, so that you can provide high quality data to your advertisers, over and above the page view stats.

Secondly, Tracer teaches the method of Track Virility, where you learn which stories users forward most using copy paste technology. On your site, Tracer enables to produce contents that are closely associated with what the viewers are looking for and increases you knowledge of search terms and key words.

You can be assured that Tracer will add a link back to your site after the content is copied and pasted, thereby directly focusing on your search ranking. Also, is a site well in demand for people to find interesting web sites and increase visits to your site.

Download Tracer for free from Tynt.

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