Get All the Useful Windows Commands in One Application

Every day we perform a lot of tasks on our computers. Some of   these tasks are repetitive and can consume   your precious time. Here is a useful windows freeware that organizes the frequently used windows tasks under one interface so that you   can get them done easily and in less time.

Here are some of the important windows commands that can be executed using   commands in demand. ( You might also be interested in windows command prompt tools or a Portable command prompt)

1.Desktop tasks

Common desktop tasks are included under the tab Desktops. You can turn off the monitor or hide your desktop icons by a single click. You can also capture a screenshot and start the default screensaver with the touch of a button. It would have been great if the app featured a Wallpaper changer   so that we could switch wallpapers easily.Otherwise common desktop tasks have been included   and the app does a great job here.

2.Application errors and windows

The application errors and application windows tab comprises of a set of useful commands that you will love using.You can start the task manager,Kill a running process or a non responding application instantly. Just hit the button kill a processand the app opens up a list which looks like the following :


Select the process that you want to kill and hit Kill process. The process will be killed   and you will also get to know the path of the running program.This feature is not available in windows task manager.

Other tasks in this tab includes : Minimizing all application windows, restoring all the minimized windows and centering the active window. All with just one click.

3.Devices ,Files and folders

Using this tab you can perform common   tasks with devices,files and folders.Some of them include the following :

  • Safely remove your USB drive
  • Eject your CD/ DVD drive
  • Open up the Device manager ( includes hidden devices )
  • Open system folders and users folder
  • Open the command prompt

This solves the hassle of opening the control panel or My computer every other time when you need to   eject your cd/dvd drive or looking for the usb drive icon in your System tray.This saves a lot of time and keeps common tasks under one single interface.

4.Internet Tasks

Do you use desktop shortcuts for visiting your favorite blogs or websites ? If yes then this tool   will come in   handy. It lets you create desktop shortcuts to any web address.Just paste the URL and click Paste shortcut on Desktop. You need not reload the page in your browser and do a manual desktop shortcut anymore.

Furthermore it also allows you to create an email message with your default email program . You can also execute a particular web query using two search engines simultaneously.


5.Useful shortcuts to Windows applications

This one makes this app a must use tool. You get all the frequently used windows application compiled under one shed. This includes :

  • Windows default Calculator, Ms-paint,notepad and Sound Recorder
  • Control panel, recycle bin and windows shutdown panel
  • System tools including : Disk defragmenter,Disk clean up,System restore and Task scheduler
  • Registry editor,Direct x diagnosis,System monitor etc


Download ‘Commands in Demand’ application

The freeware is a must have tool for anyone using Windows as it brings all the frequently used operations under one roof. Do you know of any software that   does a similar job or rather a better one? Do share with us in the comments.

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