gAttach Makes Attaching Files In Gmail A Breeze

The usual way of attaching files in any online mail service would be to click on the browse button, navigate to the correct folder and choose the file you want to upload. Though this process is not hard at all, you could save some time while attaching files if you use Gmail.

gattach-send-to-mail-recipient-screenshot gAttach-save-as-draft-screenshot

gAttach is a handy desktop utility that will allow you to easily attach files to your Gmail mail messages, just right click on any file and choose Send to > Mail recipient. gAttach will automatically detect the send to option and upload the attachment to your Gmail account, along with creating a draft email you can send.

Once you have uploaded the attachments, you can visit Gmail to send out the email to any recipient.


A definite handy tool for people who use Gmail day in and out and would like to save themselves quite sometime while attaching files to the emails. gAttach is a free for personal use.

Download gAttach [via Madhur Kapoor’s Blog]

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