Freeware To Capture In-Depth Network Details

AdapterWatch v 1.05 is a freeware that supplies beneficial details about the network adapter including IP and hardware addresses, WINS and DNS servers, total bytes sent and received, MTU value, present transmit speed and lots more. This information is presented by the main window of the software.

You can also get an idea about TCP/IP and ICMP and UDP statistics of your system by using this software. This information can be obtained by hitting the preferred tab.

The software allows release and refreshing of IP addresses attained from the DHCP sever. This task can be performed by clicking the network adaptor to choose it and select the favored action on the File menu.

This software is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista. It works in Windows 98 and Windows ME, however complete adapter details may not be exhibited.


Command-line options can be used to save the catalog of network adapters to HTML, and text files (tab de-limited).

The software being a standalone executable does not need installation procedure and extra DLLs. The executable has to be run after transferring it to a desired folder.

The earlier editions of AdapterWatch software showed incorrect MTU values that were loaded from Windows API. The latest version 1.05 of the software corrects this anomaly by obtaining the MTU value from Windows Registry.

This software can also be translated into other languages. The translation procedure will transform the dialog boxes, menus and strings of the software to the other language and finally the converted strings will be obtained from the language file.

Even after the translation steps are over Adapter Watch version 1.05 can be run without translation by changing the language file’s name or altering the location of the file to some other folder.

It is backed by email assistance to help solve bugs bumped into by users when they use the software.

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