Freeware Fridays | Top Tools Of the Week #11

freeware-signIn case you haven’t seen them, here are the most recent posts in our Freeware category. We hope you enjoy reading about these freebies, and maybe you’ll find a keeper in the mix.


Avast Free Antivirus is Updated to 5.0

Avast has released the new version 5 of their free Antivirus program. The new version looks very different, but it is still a great choice for home users. Check out the video.

iTunes 9.2 Software Update

iTunes 9.2 Available For Downloads

Apple has just released iTunes 9.2 through the software update as well as through the official iTunes download site.


Flock Dumps Mozilla Firefox for Chromium

Flock the popular social browser which earlier ran on the Firefox Gecko engine has dumped Mozilla for Chromium, the popular new browser which also powers Google Chrome. Read More | Tweet This


Buzzbird Yet Another Cross Platform Twitter Client

Buzzbird is an open source MIT licensed Twitter client that helps you to stay updated with the service. Read More | Tweet This


Desktop Clock 7 An Analogue Clock For Windows Desktop

Desktop Clock 7 is a free clock application that displays an analogue clock on your Windows desktop with a second’s hand and date on it.


Opera 10.60 Beta 1 Released Speed, Geolocation, WebM and More

Opera 10.60 Beta introduces improved HTML5 and standards support along with numerous performance and visual improvements.


Learn Languages and Create Your Own Tests with EasyWords

When I was in school, we never had cool programs like this to help us learn. If you are a teacher, or you simply want to learn something new, check out EasyWords.

Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 the best security solution??

Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 might be the best security solution available right now and it is also free


Read e-Books on Your PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac or BlackBerry with Kindle Apps

If you don’t have a Kindle to read books from Amazon, here are some free Kindle reader apps that will let you shop and read on your favorite computer or mobile device.


JBS Wallpaper Switcher Better than the one in Windows 7

If you get tired of seeing the same of wallpapers on your Windows desktop, John’s Background Switcher may be the best solution for you.


How to Open and Use Windows 7 Themes in Windows XP

Are you using Windows XP? Have you ever seen a cool wallpaper in a Windows 7 theme that you’d love to have? There’s a simple way to grab those files … and I’ll show it to you.


View FLV and MP4 Videos with Wimpy FLV Player

Do you need to watch FLV or MP4 videos from Youtube? There’s no need to install QuickTime or some other large viewer. I’ll show you a small, stand-alone player.

Firefox Nightly Build Gets WebM Support

Firefox Nightly Builds are set to get WebM support to watch the WebM coded videos in the browser. WebM is a new codec which will be used by Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox.


How to Lock Windows Keyboard and Mouse

You can use kidkeylock a simple utility to lock Windows Keyboard and mouse. This is useful when you want to deactivate the keyboard and mouse functions without logging off from the system

Converter Setup

How to Convert Flac files to MP3

Easily convert heavy Flac files to small-size mp3 files that you can effortlessly sync to music players and iPods.


How to Copy DVDs the Right Way with DVDShrink

I’ve used DVDShrink for years, but I never did know the finer points to using it. Fortunately, I know someone who knows many tricks for using this freeware.

Be sure to let us know if you have a favorite freebie you’d like to see posted here. Our comments (below) are always open to you.

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