Freeware Fridays | Top Tools of the Week #32


In case you haven’t seen them, here are the most recent posts in our Freeware category. We hope you enjoy reading about these freebies, and maybe you’ll find a keeper in the mix.

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Heals Virus Infected Systems

by Pallab De | Tuesday, 31st May 2011 | Comment | Share

WINDOWS Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper is a system rescue disk creator that can be used for removing nasty virus and other malware infections by running an offline scan. Read More »

OpenPetra: Administer Your Organization With Open Source Advantage

by Soumen Halder | Tuesday, 31st May 2011 | Comment | Share


OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE Often non-profit organizations have to buy costly administrative software packages to run their organization. It is a heavy cost burden for organizations with low budgets. OpenPetra is an outcome of an effort keeping in mind such organizations. Read More »

DVDvideosoft Free Video to Flash Converter Review

by Guest Posts | Thursday, 26th May 2011 | 1 Comment | Share


SOFTWARE Do you need to embed a video into your website or blog? Do you want to present your products or services but don’t know how? The free program will help. Read More »

Less Chrome HD [Firefox Addon]

by Guest Posts | Tuesday, 24th May 2011 | Comment | Share


SOFTWARE Had you heard that you can autohide the location toolbar in the newest versions of Google Chrome? Now you can do this in Firefox. Read More »

Have Better Control Over Windows Networks With Checklan Basic 1.2.2

by Soumen Halder | Monday, 23rd May 2011 | Comment | Share


SOFTWARE Checklan Basic 1.2.2 is an agentless network monitoring tool used for asset management both locally and remotely. It helps to create in a simple and effective way , an inventory of all computers in the network. Read More »

New National Flag with Clock Screensavers [Freeware]

by Clif Sipe | Sunday, 22nd May 2011 | Comment | Share


SOFTWARE NewFreeScreensavers has released several new national flag clock screensavers. The most recent are USA Digital Clock, Poland Digital Clock, Poland Analog Clock, Ukraine Digital Clock , Ukraine Analog Clock, Nigeria Digital Clock and Nigeria Analog Clock. Read More »

What is MAFIAAfire? Is Mozilla a Terrorist Organization?

by Clif Sipe | Saturday, 21st May 2011 | Comment | Share


DISCUSSIONS Why is Mozilla now the target of a take-down notice from U.S. Homeland Security and what the heck is MAFIAAfire? Read More »

Fly On Desktop Great Joke or Great Pet?

by Clif Sipe | Tuesday, 17th May 2011 | Comment | Share


SOFTWARE Have you ever had a fly land on your monitor or notebook screen? Now you can get a free pet fly whenever you want one. Read More »

Best 3 Firefox Addons to Protect Your Privacy

by Guest Posts | Monday, 16th May 2011 | 2 Comments | Share


ONLINE SECURITY Firefox offers many addons and today’s users are more concerned than ever before about their privacy and security. These top 3 addons will help you protect and manage your privacy on the web. Read More »

Send Large Files Easily with WeTransfer

by Clif Sipe | Sunday, 15th May 2011 | 5 Comments | Share


ONLINE STORAGE Need to send large files to someone? You could use any one of several online file storage sites, or set up your own FTP server. These all take time and require setup. There are easier ways. Read More »

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