FreeCalc: A Better Calculator for Windows

Microsoft bundles a default calculator with the computer so that you can work with basic calculations on your PC. The software in itself is pretty good but lacks several features.

Though there are several advanced calculators we like to stick with a basic one with few additional features. Moffsoft FreeCalc is one such software that provides you with several new features, including providing you with a history of what you have typed to compute on the right hand side, so you know exactly where your calculation is heading.


Though the functionality is almost similar the features is what makes FreeCalc much better than the regular Microsoft Calculator.

FreeCalc Features

  • Adjustable calculator size – Make it any size you want and Moffsoft FreeCalc will remember the size and position next time you use it.
  • Tape – Save, print, or clear the simulated paper history tape.
  • Color schemes – Select a color combination or use your Windows color settings. 
  • New keys – Clear Tape {CT}, double zero {00}, triple zero {000}, and memory subtract {M-} keys have been added.
  • Visible memory value – You’ll always know what’s in memory because it’s displayed on the calculator status bar.
  • Option settings – Flat buttons, always on top, tray icon, run on startup, and hiding the tape are some of the calculator options.
  • Digit groupings – Number groupings for easy to read numbers.
  • International support – Digit grouping and decimal point characters change based on your regional settings.
  • Tray icon – Turn on the tray icon for quick and easy access.

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