Free YouTube To iPod Converter

There are times when you may come across a really nice video on and want to copy it to your iPod, however iPod do not support playing of flash videos and you have to convert it to a supported format in order to play it on the iPod.

Free YouTube to iPod Converter is a handy that will allow you to convert YouTube videos to video and audio formats such as MP4, MPEG-4, H.264,MP3, AAC,M4A, which you can then upload and view on your iPod.

You can view the converted videos on many portable devices such as iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Apple TV, MP4 Player, MP3 Player.


Free YouTube To iPod Converter Features

  • Merge multiple YouTube videos into a single file.
  • Support for conversion to popular video and audio output formats
  • Ability to change detailed video and audio settings
  • Fast speed and high quality

Download Free YouTube To iPod Converter

2 thoughts on “Free YouTube To iPod Converter”

  1. I randomly found your site a few weeks ago & enjoy more than sites I use to trust like cnet, tom’s hardware & tucows! I’ve tried many video converters on the above mentioned favorite website:, but I can’t capture them, can you help? I enjoy the site so much I’ve bought MAKE magazine ( & bought back issues off eBay, new books from O’Reily Technical Books. I wish I lived in a city where they have MakerFaires, even just to see ShovelMan play blues slide!

  2. Keith,

    Thank you for the great references. I love taking youtube videos with me on the go. I wrote a post entitled How Do I Get YouTube Videos On My iPod which helped me as I was trying to do place YouTube videos on my iPod. Your readers may enjoy these instructions as well as the links you brought us above.


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